Jawatan Kosong research amp development engineer Kuala Lumpur Januari 2021 JP Infotech Sdn. Bhd.

Information of Job Vacancy

Title of Job : Research Amp Development Engineer
Company Name : JP Infotech Sdn. Bhd.
Placement : Kuala Lumpur
Date : 2 Januari 2021
Expired : No

Jawatan Kosong Kuala Lumpur 2021 JP Infotech Sdn. Bhd.. Good Afternoon for buddies who are hunting job. Hopefully not despair give up to find a job that fit with interest your needed. Indeed often find a job that suitable is laborious in this year. On this occasion, the admin will give news Jawatan Kosong Kuala Lumpur 2021 JP Infotech Sdn. Bhd.. Here info more detail about Jawatan Kosong Kuala Lumpur 2021 JP Infotech Sdn. Bhd..

Jawatan Kosong Kuala Lumpur 2021 JP Infotech Sdn. Bhd.

Here is criteria job description that you must meet to meet Jawatan Kosong Kuala Lumpur 2021 JP Infotech Sdn. Bhd. which opened end of this month:

Greetings from JP Infotech!!!

We are looking for Research & Development Engineer professionals for one of our clients.

Role: Research & Development Engineer

Experience: 2+ yrs

Job Location: KL, Malaysia

Language Skills: English, Mandarin

Purpose of the Job:

To assure quality of product/component and in comply with the specifications and standards. Maintain product/component sustainability and initiate product improvement to ensure market competitiveness in the industry.


· According to the requirement analysis, architecture and process design, complete and documented the design and implementation details.

· Comply with the relevant product/component develop & test specifications and complete the coding work.

· Responsible for the quality of coding and ensure the quality of accuracy, execution, performance, readability, and sustainability of the coding.

· Analyze and resolve the defects and errors found in product testing period offline/online.

· Comply with project management specifications, collaborate with project stakeholders in deliver best services in completing the project qualitative and quantitatively.

· Provide online operation products/components technical supports, resolve complex issues raised by the operation team.

· Track and monitor the online operations of related products/components. Propose and initiate the improvement plans.

· Track the development trend of related technical fields and maintain our leading position in the industry.

Minimum Requirements:

· Bachelor’s degree or above in computer and related majors is preferred.

· With more than two years of relevant work experience, rich experience is preferred.

· Have good communication skills and documentation skills.

· Have a good sense and ability to take the initiative to work, take the initiative to think, take the initiative, and be able to stand alone.

· Have good professional ethics and professionalism, understand, and abide by the company's system.

Abilities Required

· Familiar with JAVA programming language, JVM operating mechanism and memory management mechanism.

· Have good code writing, annotation, and unit testing habits, and proficiently use a variety of design patterns.

· Familiar with open-source frameworks such as SpringMVC, SpringCloud, MyBatis and their principles.

· Master Linux commonly used commands, familiar with the deployment and configuration tuning of Nginx and Tomcat servers.

· Familiar with the working principle of Redis and Mysql and have the ability to optimize the database.

· Familiar with web front-end development, master front-end knowledge such as JS, CSS, HTML, Nodejs, Layui.

· Familiar with Web protocol standards, understand the working principle of HTTP/Session, and understand network security related knowledge.

· Familiar with distributed architecture, experience in design, development, deployment, and maintenance of high-availability distributed systems is preferred

Interested candidates please do send your updated CV with project details for further process

Application Deadline: 15/02/2021

Expected Start Date: 23/02/2021

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: RM5,000.00 - RM6,500.00 per month


  • code writing, annotation, and unit testing habits, : 2 years (Preferred)
  • JAVA, JVM, Linux Commands, : 2 years (Required)

Only registried that meet to conditions above of that will be called upon to perform further tests. For that, if you are interested and meet the job candidates Jawatan Kosong Kuala Lumpur 2021 JP Infotech Sdn. Bhd. above, please submit your application before expired vacancies.

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