Jawatan Kosong it manager Bayan Lepas Disember 2020 Reeracoen Malaysia

Information of Job Vacancy

Title of Job : It Manager
Company Name : Reeracoen Malaysia
Placement : Bayan Lepas
Date : 3 November 2020
Expired : No

Jawatan Kosong It Manager Bayan Lepas 2020 Reeracoen Malaysia. Good Afternoon for buddies who are looking for job. Hopefully not despair stop to find a job that suitable with dreams your needed. Indeed once in a while find a job that fit is tough in this year. On this occasion, the admin will give information Jawatan Kosong It Manager Bayan Lepas 2020 Reeracoen Malaysia. Here news more detail about Jawatan Kosong It Manager Bayan Lepas 2020 Reeracoen Malaysia.

Jawatan Kosong It Manager Bayan Lepas 2020 Reeracoen Malaysia

Here is requirements job description that you must meet to register Jawatan Kosong It Manager Bayan Lepas 2020 Reeracoen Malaysia which opened end of this month:

  • Job Category

    Security Engineer, Software Engineer, Software Developer, Pre-sales, Programmer, Hardware Engineer, IT Executive, Systems Analyst/Consultant, Project Manager, Application Development Engineer(Open Source), Application Development Engineer(Web/Mobile), Application Development Engineer(Enterprise), Application Development Engineer(Embedded Systems), Database Architect/Design Engineer, Server Architect/Design Engineer, Network Engineer (Design), Network Engineer (Operation/Maintenance), Internal Information Systems/EDP/MIS, Support/Maintenance/Operation/Training, Research & Development, Other(IT/Internet/Telecommunications) Engineer

  • Industry


  • Job Description (1) IT strategy / system planning
    • System planning and requirement definition in collaboration with business departments. Conduct hearings and business analysis of each department to promote improvement of business processes (including manufacturing sites)
    (2) Core system construction / operation / maintenance
    • System improvement proposals / reconstruction based on business knowledge and in-house user requests, or maintenance / operation of existing systems.
    (3) Infrastructure construction / operation / maintenance
    • Consideration and evaluation of introduction of new technologies and products for improving services. Network, server operation / monitoring / troubleshooting. Strengthen security measures and data integrity system. Overall support for infrastructure including client PCs.
    (4) Support / Help Desk
    • Routine help desk for in-house users, PC setup and education when introducing tools and systems. Asset management of software and PC, user management, FAQ creation. Data provision using ACCESS, EXCEL, etc.
    (5) Other management operations
    • Report to the IT team at the head office in Japan, improve the work and work environment of your department, manage and train your subordinates, manage goals, and respond to internal management programs such as environmental patrols.
  • Requirement
    • Experience: At least 10years experience at IT background in Manufacturing industry
    Comprehensive Business knowledge and experience
    ~Negotiation / coordination ability / project management experience / requirement definition.
    Upper process experience in development field based on business knowledge and basic design capabilities.
    Business knowledge related to core systems(production management, accounting, and human resources,and so on)
    and practical experience in system design and development, maintenance and operation
    (network&server construction, design and operation WAN and LAN, routers, switching hub products, setting and
    operation for Windows, UNIX,etc.)
    • Skill : Familiar with software (including WEB), hardware and security, Management experience(can run PDCA cycle by themselves), trouble shooting, Beginner system administrator level, Communication skill
    • Personality:Earnest, Honest, Diligent, Teamwork first, and Reliable

    • Has experience as a IT manager in Japanese based company(Electrical Equipment industry)
    • Japanese Speaker(Doesn't matter the license)
    • Experience in development and infrastructure on Windows and UNIX is a plus.
  • Other Language

    Malay, Mandarin, English

  • Benefit


Only candidates that satisfies to qualifications above of that will be called upon to perform debriefing. For that, if you are interested and meet the participants Jawatan Kosong It Manager Bayan Lepas 2020 Reeracoen Malaysia above, please submit your application before not applicable.

Thus info Jawatan Kosong It Manager Bayan Lepas 2020 Reeracoen Malaysia that we can inform. hopefully information job today help you all who are seeking employment. If the info above vacancy does not suitable with your diploma, it never hurts to read information another job vacancies below. Finally, we say thanks already visited this website, do not forget to share information this beneficial through twitter. Hope you will find a job and work hard!

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